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AvaDent Digital Denture

AvaDent Digital dentures significantly reduce appointment time from the traditional 5 appointments to just 2 or 3 appointments. CAD/CAM technology is utilized not only for extreme accuracy and fit but for enhanced esthetics thus creating a natural look and feel for your patients. The AvaDent digital system also creates a permanent digital record for easy duplication in case of loss or damage.

Superior fit, maximium strength and easy duplication

Acrylic allergies


  • Significantly reduce chair time
  • Precise and accurate fit due to CAD/CAM technology
  • Computer enhanced esthetics for natural look & feel
  • Infinite thickness variability
  • Replication of patient's natural rugae
  • No more "denture breath" due to bacteria resistant acrylic that helps eliminate sore spots
  • Permanent digital record for duplication in case of loss or damage