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Optimize your investment in CEREC by partnering with New Image Dental Lab.

The benefits of using New Image with CEREC Connect:
  • Decreased shipping costs and turnaround times
  • Precision and accuracy of CAD/CAM technology
  • High strength restorations with customized aesthetics
  • Single unit crowns up to full roundhouse bridges
  • Support for all major implant systems

Add New Image as Favorite Lab in CEREC Connect

  1. Log into your Cerec Connect account at
  2. Click on 'My Account' from the left-side menu
  3. Click on 'My Favorite Laboratories'
  4. Click the 'Search Labs' button
  5. Enter 30260 in Zip Code field
  6. Click 'Start Search' button
  7. Find ‘New Image’ in the results
    (It should be the very first row.)
  8. Click the Add button (yellow plus) on far right of the row
Now you are ready to send your cases to New Image.

How to Send a Case via CEREC Connect

Using the CEREC Connect software, scan as you normally would. You begin by entering patient information, then you select the type of restoration and tooth number(s), identify your desired material and shade, then start scanning. You will scan the lower jaw, upper jaw and buccal. You will then choose your margins.

Now you are ready to send the case to New Image… simply arrow to the next screen to go to the Connect log-in screen. After you log-in, review your order info to ensure accuracy, then you will move forward to a screen to identify return date and select “New Image Dental Lab” as the lab to receive your case.

After choosing your lab and return date you will be asked to include additional information if you desire. Once complete, the order is placed in your cart and has not been sent to the lab yet. To submit the case to the lab, click on “Submit Cart” button. You will be asked to verify your username and password again, then click “Ok”.

You have now sent your case to the lab!