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The Defender Mouthguard

The Defender, a custom-made, laboratory-fabricated sports guard, offers significant protection from sports-related oral trauma, including broken or lost teeth, cut lips, teeth or gums and nerve damage. The Defender is ideal for active adolescents and adults no matter what sport they play. Keep in mind it is important to replace the sports guard yearly as it can wear down over time. This is especially important for young athletes as their dentition continues to grow and develop until they reach adulthood.

The Defender mouthguards provide superior fit and retention compared to boil-and-bite mouthguards. Available in six levels of protection, the mouthguards range from one to three layers of laminated ethylvinylacetate material with a final occlusal thickness between 3 mm and 5 mm.

Active adolescents and adults no matter what sport they play

Six Levels of Protection

Mouthguard Color Options