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Ultra-Thin Veneers (minimal or no prep)

New Image’s Ultra-thin veneers enhance natural teeth where ideal underlying tooth structure exists. They mimic the patients existing dentition & are designed to improve contour and shape. This new material can be pressed to 0.3 mm for minimally invasive esthetic veneers. Four levels of translucency make Ultra-Thin veneers a unique alternative to traditional pressed or hand-layered veneers. These veneers are available in High Translucency (HT), Low Translucency (LT), Medium Opacity (MO) and High Opacity (HO).

Highly esthetic, minimal prep requirements, higher strength veneers

Parafunctional activity, crowns & bridges, dark preps, metal post and core, bevel prep

Preferred shade guide:
Vita Classic, Chromoscop, Stumpf Guide, ND Guide


  • Outstanding esthetics
  • Chairside time savings