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The ultimate in esthetics, Captek is an advanced material designed for the dentist who demands the best. Extremely biocompatible, clinical studies prove Captek inhibits plaque and bacteria growth - even more than natural dentition! A warm yellow gold (88% Au, 4.2% Pt, 4.5% Pd) coping eliminates gray lines at the margins.

Single crowns, 3-unit anterior bridges, implants

Limited occlusal clearance, long span bridges, metal allergies, bleach shades

Preferred shade guide:
Vita 3D, Vita Classic


  • Adapts to ANY preparation design
  • Oxide-free yellow gold
  • Unique palladium matrix infiltrated with yellow gold for superior strength
  • Reduces plaque and bacteria resulting in healthier tissue
  • Indicated for single units, 3-unit bridges
    and implants
  • Eliminates gray lines at margins
  • Highly biocompatible
  • Superior fit and esthetics
  • Warm yellow gold esthetics