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CT Guided Surgery

Using CT scans takes the guess work away for the Surgeon, the Dentist, and the Laboratory by collecting a 3D image of the patient's anatomy. With the information collected from the scan, New Image, the Surgeon, and the Restorative Dentist can collaborate on a surgical plan for the placement of implants to achieve the best prosthetic results.

Plan out your Process:


  1. Diagnostic Wax-Up: We work with you to give your patient a visual of what their smile can be and to create a template for the provisional or final prosthesis.
  2. CT Scan Guide: You can trust our extensive experience for accuracy in planning and fabricating your scan appliances.
  3. CT Scan is taken of the patient.
  4. Diagnostic work-up for implant placement – New Image will assist in case planning to achieve the desired esthetics and function.
  5. Cost Estimate – Our clients can consult us for product selection and cost estimations associated with each prosthetic alternative.

Surgical (Guided)

New Image can provide a highly experienced implant surgical assistant or technician to attend the surgery when immediate load provisionals are prescribed. We are available for either Teeth in a Day (retrofitting a new or existing appliance) or Teeth in an Hour (screw-retained hybrid reverse-engineered from the surgical guide) protocols.


New Image can fabricate a variety of final implant-supported prosthetics. Please see our implant restorative options under the Implants section of the website.