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Digital Photography

New Image Dental Laboratory encourages sending digital photography with your cases. Sending digital photographs of your case can make the difference between creating a great restoration and an extraordinary one.  Your digital photographs will communicate all the nuances of shade and the intricate characteristics that makes a crown become lifelike in the hands our artistic technicians.

When sending digital photography to New Image please provide the following:

  1. Multiple Case Shots (Recommented Shot List )
    1. Full face smile
    2. Close-up smile
    3. Close-up "growly" with teeth separated
    4. Close-up retracted, if necessary
    5. Shade tab in mouth at same plane and same orientation as natural
      tooth you are trying to match.
    6. Shade tab incisal to incisal edge.
    7. Side views left and right
  2. Supply full name of patient & doctor in the email
  3. Send files to

 Photography Recommendations:  

  1. Make sure patient is upright. 
    (Taking pictures with patient reclined changes the lighting and shade perception.)
  2. Make sure to get some natural light in the room.
  3. Always take photos before any prepping of the teeth or impressions.
    (These procedures will dehydrate the teeth.)
  4. Wait 2 weeks post bleaching before taking photo for final shade.
  5. Make sure to get the shade tab number in the photo.
  6. Do not "tuck" shade tab under lip.
    (It is important to see the relation between the entire tab and the entire tooth.)
  7. Use a neutral color bib if possible ( Grey, Light Blue or White - no pastels.)

Ring Flash vs. Macro Twin Light
The ring flash in dental digital photography is best suited for occlusal and posterior shots due to its bright illumination.  The macro twin light flash is best suited for anterior photography and actual shade taking photos. 

Benefits of digital photography in your practice:

  • Communicating patient's shade and characterization with the dental laboratory
  • ‘Before & After’ photographs for the patient
  • Create custom smile galleries as a marketing tool
  • Selling treatment/increasing case acceptance
  • Patient case tracking from start to finish
  • Compliment to patient records in documentation
  • Insurance company treatment documentation
  • Real-time communication with the patient
  • Integration with cosmetic imaging software
  • Preferred Digital Camera Vendors
    There are many options as far as digital cameras for dentistry are concerned. Select 'point & shoot' cameras have macro features that will capture what the laboratory needs. Refer to a professional in your area for more information.

    We also recommend the following companies who specialize in dental cameras:

    Norman Camera:
    Lester A. Dine, Dineonline: