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Screw-Retained Zirconia Bridge

As the newest addition to our implant prosthetic choices, this screw-retained bridge offers the patient the most esthetically pleasing bridge available. Additionally, these bridges are removable for inspection and or repair.

The procedure for making a screw-retained zirconia bridge is similar to making a Titanium Hybrid. Once a denture set-up and a implant verification jig is tried in and approved, New Image Dental Laboratory scans and designs your screw-retained zirconia crown and bridge framework.

The framework is then milled out of a block of zirconia, shaded and finished to exact contour for porcelain to be applied.

A frame try-in is recommended at this time to verify the fit and a check bite is taken. The bridge is then layered with porcelain, glazed and ready for final delivery.

Procera Implant Bridge Frameworks

Procera Implant Bridge Case