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Shade Appointments

Option 1:
Your territory manager is available to assist you with shade selection in your office for your more challenging cases.

Option 2:
The dentist accompanies their patient to the laboratory for a consultation with their dental ceramist. The shade appointment includes shade mapping and digital photography.

A fee is associated with both options.

Shade Taking Tips:
1. Before starting the shade taking process it's important to talk to the patient to determine expectations.

2. Teeth dehydrate VERY quickly, so take your shade FIRST before prepping teeth or taking impressions.

3. Remove any lipstick.

4. Use a neutral colored bib - gray, light blue or white.

5. Sit patient upright and use ambient light (not direct light), preferably in a room with a window or color corrected lights.

6. Hold entire shade guide to mouth and visually scan all tabs using process of elimination.

7. Once selection is narrowed down, do not stare at tab for more than 10 seconds (the eye will compensate and everything will appear to match).

8. If patient is bleaching, wait 2 weeks for color to stabilize prior to taking shade.

9. Any photography is helpful! Even if you don't have a camera, a picture taken on your smart phone (such as iPhone or Droid) is also an acceptable communication tool.

10. Communicate to the laboratory if the patient has had endo or has dark underlying tooth structure after prepping. If so, pictures of the prep with a shade tab are also helpful.

11. Characterization can be tricky! Let us know if the patient has a halo, tetracycline stains, hypocalcification, etc. and your shade will be even more lifelike.