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Valplast® Partial Denture

Fabricated of a flexible nylon thermoplastic, the Valplast® partial denture combines metal-free esthetics with comfort and durability. The translucent tissue blend virtually disappears in the mouth. Valplast® provides unlimited design versatility as well as monomer-free biocompatibility. Valplast® differs from other flexible materials in that it can be laboratory relined and repaired.

Maximum esthetics and retention, good plane of occlusion with minimum of 5 mm of occlusal clearance, metal or acrylic allergies

Periodontally involved teeth, clinically short abutment teeth, bite that is too closed or tight, large overjets


  • Highly biocompatible nylon thermoplastic
  • Monomer-Free and hypo-allergenic
  • Very flexible
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Tissue bearing appliance
  • Extremely comfortable for patients
  • Unsurpassed esthetics compared to traditional cast partials
  • Available in light pink, dark pink and ethnic colors